Mountain climbing after hip replacement

After undergoing a hip replacement, Mr Simon Bridle’s patient Liam Rowley was able to continue mountain climbing, ascending the Matterhorn six months after his surgery:

“Having previously climbed Mont Blanc, Denali in Alaska and the Matterhorn, I wanted to introduce my sons to climbing in the Alps. However, I was having trouble with my hip particularly coming down the mountain and I knew I had to have something done.

“On the advice of my wife, who’d had her hip done by Mr Bridle, I planned the operation for February which would give me six months after my surgery before returning to climbing.”

“We spent a week climbing at the end of August and my hip worked wonderfully. My sons and I all climbed the Matterhorn and my new hip was well able to keep up with my sons. Many thanks for your wonderful care.”


After undergoing a hip replacement, Mr Simon Bridle’s patient Robert Swan is about to embark on a truly awe-inspiring physical challenge:

Robert is the first person in history to walk to both the North and South Poles. After seeing first hand the effects of climate change, Robert has dedicated himself to protecting Antarctica and our planet at large and in June 2019, Robert will return to the Arctic with his son Barney. They will lead a group of over 80 explorers from across the planet to observe the changes that are happening due to climate change.

“I have just returned from ten days, pulling sledges in the Arctic. The hip is SO strong and feels great. I even could sleep on that side, on icy ground. The rest of me needs hard work but I am on with that! Thanks for the support.

“We head South in November. All is great.”


Wow, what can I say? Mr Bridle, you are a legend – have a lovely holiday! Thank you so much for replacing my left hip and making a fantastic job of it! Also, to all the staff that took care of me during my stay. First class!

“Thank you so much for your expertise in giving me a revision total hip replacement, it is just wonderful. Today is day 21 post-op and I am walking freely, unaided, no crutch or stick, pain free and not needing any analgesia. What a result! The absence of any pain, even at the surgical site, is so wonderful. And my scar has healed beautifully. One very delighted patient, thank you.”

“My knee replacement has made a significant difference to my quality of life and guaranteed me a pain-free life and comfort in my mobility. Mr Bridle, in my opinion, you are not just a doctor but a god-sent lifesaver. I am forever grateful and will be happy to recommend you to my family and friends.”

Thank you so much for my successful surgery. I am delighted to have both hips the same length! It’s wonderful to stand upright again and feel two inches taller.”

“It is exactly one year since you resculptured my right hip. Except playing football, I have all my original movement back. Even at 72 years and a lifetime of very active sport, I still feel able.”

“Very many thanks for your sterling work on my second hip replacement. All going very well and definitely less painful than the previous one. I wouldn’t go to any other surgeon!”

“Thank you so much for sorting out my knee. Your surgery cleared it all up and I’ve been on an upwards trajectory ever since. I’m delighted to put the last nine months of constant pain behind me.”

I just wanted to what to say what a marvellous surgeon Mr Bridle is. He reconstructed both my hips in 1998 /2000. I was 52 years old at that time and I am now 70 and have not stopped walking although I have slowed down this last 18 months and have to use two sticks. I can’t thank you enough.