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UK Study Finds Osteoporosis Drug Could Halve Revision Hip Replacements

A new UK study has discovered that an osteoporosis drug could help to halve the number of revision hip replacements required. While the majority of hip replacements run smoothly and last for up to 20 years, revisions are sometimes needed. The trouble is this is a major operation that carries significant risks. Therefore, anything that […]

COVID and Our Practice

There is a lot of concern about the current situation with the surge in COVID-19 infection, in particular for people who need to attend hospital, or who may be considering surgical treatment.  It does look like the outbreak is starting to come under control and there is a hope that the vaccination programme will allow […]

Understanding the True Rate of Hip Dislocation

A new study carried out by researchers in Denmark, has revealed the true rate of hip dislocations following total hip arthroplasty. A known complication of the procedure, the study suggests the rate of hip dislocations is up to 50% higher than first thought. Here, we’ll look at what the study found, alongside patient and surgeon […]

How Long Will My Hip Implant Last?

Undergoing a hip implant procedure can be daunting. However, the surgery can help patients to drastically improve their quality of life. Like any surgery, a hip implant doesn’t come without its risks and complications. It is important to be aware of the pros and cons before deciding whether or not it is the right option […]

Knee Replacement Surgery with a Tourniquet Found to Be More Dangerous

A new study has revealed that knee replacement surgery carried out with a tourniquet is more dangerous than other methods. According to the results, patients could be as much as 73% more likely to develop serious complications after the procedure. Here, we’ll look at what this latest study found and what it means for patients. […]

Non-operative treatment of knee osteoarthritis

Knee replacement is an extremely effective treatment for patients with knee arthritis. It is however major surgery, with some risks, which your surgeon will always discuss with you before deciding to proceed to surgery. Non-operative treatment is an important part of managing knee arthritis. A number of treatments are available to reduce pain and improve […]

Knee or Hip Replacements Found to Cut Risk of Falls

As we age, our risk of falls increases. Sadly, so too does our likelihood of suffering an injury from a fall. However, a new study has found that the key to cutting the risk of falls could be a knee or hip replacement. Here, we’ll look at what a knee and hip replacement involves and […]

When Two Hip Replacements Are Actually Better Than One

Undergoing one hip replacement procedure can be daunting enough. However, for some patients, a double hip replacement may be recommended, where both hips are painful and badly damaged by arthritis. While less common than a single (unilateral) hip replacement, having both hips replaced at the same time (bilateral), can deliver significant benefits to some patients. […]