What you need to know about choosing a joint replacement surgeon

If you’ve been struggling with the discomfort and loss of mobility associated with arthritis of the hip and knee, then you may be contemplating a joint replacement procedure. Your choice of orthopaedic surgeon to carry out this surgery is probably the most important decision you will make.

There are four important factors you should take into account when choosing your joint replacement surgeon

1. Experience

How long has your surgeon been practicing? Mr Bridle has been a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon since 1994, specialising in hip and knee replacement and revision surgery. He has set up a hip and knee Multidisciplinary Team to deal with patients with hip and knee problems. In addition, he has been active in NHS management, holding important roles such as Lead for Orthopaedics, Clinical Director for Surgery and Clinical Director for Major Trauma at St George’s Hospital, London.

2. Expertise

How many knee or hip replacements do you perform a year? Choose a surgeon who regularly performs hip or knee replacements and can discuss their results with you. Over the last ten years, Mr Bridle has performed nearly 1000 primary hips and 500 primary knee replacements and specialises exclusively in this form of surgery.

3. Choice of prosthesis

It is very important that the prosthesis we put in lasts a long time, avoiding the need for complex revision surgery. There are a very large number of hip and knee implants available on the market. Hip and knee implants are rated by ODEP, with the long-term results available through the National Joint Registry. Mr Bridle uses only the best-rated implants, with the best long-term survival. More details on this are available on the website.

4. Complication rate

There are a number of rare, but important potential risks and complications associated with joint replacement surgery, including infection and dislocation, and your surgeon should be able to provide you with their rates of incidence. Mr Bridle has a very low complication rate in his own primary replacement procedures and his experience and expertise is such that he is often called upon to treat complex revision procedures. This is dealt with in more detail on the website.

Details of how to arrange a consultation are covered on the website. Alternatively, please call Mr Bridle’s PA Diana on 02089479524 of email her (bridle@fortiusclinic.com) for more information.

Welcome to my website


Mr Simon Bridle hip and knee surgeonI am a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specializing in hip and knee joint replacement surgery and revision. After working as a Consultant at St George’s for over 20 years, I have recently given up my NHS practice.  I am now working full time in the Private Sector and am available for consultation at a number of leading private hospitals and clinics in the London area.

My website covers my personal expertise and experience, as well as providing detailed information on joint replacement surgery and the often complex revision work that I carry out. If you have a hip or knee problem and you or your general practitioner think you might require surgery, I would be happy to see you in one of my clinics.  An appointment will usually be available within a few days.  The website provides a lot of background information and covers a lot of the questions which patients often ask.

During a consultation, we can discuss your needs and expectations from joint replacement surgery and I can explain the benefits, limitations and potential risks in depth so you can make an informed decision.

Details of how to arrange a consultation are covered on our Contact page.  Alternatively, please call Mr Bridle’s PA Diana on 02089479524 of email her (bridle@fortiusclinic.com) for more information.