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Are there any risks to delaying my hip replacement procedure?

It is not unusual to wish to put off major surgery for as long as possible. As well as having concerns about the procedure itself and the associated risks, many patients are apprehensive about the necessary downtime after the surgery and the upheaval that will bring. With joint replacement surgery in particular, there is often […]

Recent joint replacement studies

Two studies on the effects of joint replacement have hit the news recently – one, from the University of Oxford, examined the long term benefits and limitations of knee replacement surgery. The second study, which gained a lot of media coverage, came from the University of East Anglia and looked at activity levels in patients […]

What you need to know about choosing a joint replacement surgeon

If you’ve been struggling with the discomfort and loss of mobility associated with arthritis of the hip and knee, then you may be contemplating a joint replacement procedure. Your choice of orthopaedic surgeon to carry out this surgery is probably the most important decision you will make. There are four important factors you should take […]

Welcome to my website

  I am a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specializing in hip and knee joint replacement surgery and revision. After working as a Consultant at St George’s for over 20 years, I have recently given up my NHS practice.  I am now working full time in the Private Sector and am available for consultation at a number […]