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Osteoarthritis and lifestyle changes explained

Osteoarthritis is a condition that affects how your joints work, causes pain, stiffness and eventually even deformity of the joint. A joint affected by osteoarthritis begins to slowly degenerate as changes begin to occur to the cartilage that surrounds the joints. The cartilage starts to become thinner and rougher in texture, while simultaneously the bone […]

Quitting smoking means better outcomes from hip replacement surgery

The health risks of smoking are well documented, and thanks to clear warnings on packet labels and health service advertising campaigns, awareness of the dangers of smoking are better understood than they have ever been. Although the implications of smoking on the lungs and respiratory system are clearly understood, many people don’t realise that smoking […]

Will leaving the EU affect hip replacement surgery in the UK?

Brexit has left many Britons with an air of uncertainty surrounding things where we have previously used products, labour or skills from other countries within Europe. The medical industry is no different, so it is important to help patients understand what, if anything, the effect that leaving the EU will have on their medical requirements. […]

Leading health think tank points to 90% rise in hip replacements

We hear a lot about medical treatments, practices and patient care in the news, and it doesn’t always come with a positive slant. This can be worrying for patients who are waiting for operations, and may result in them feeling anxious about what to expect. The financial strain placed on the NHS is well documented, […]

Issues with the spine found to affect success of hip replacement procedure

Increasing numbers of patients are requiring hip replacement surgery and they are one of the most successful operations of their kind, with evidence that the operation gives patients a marked improvement in their quality of life. As with all operations, there are clear risks and rewards that patients must understand before opting for surgery. With […]

How do younger patients fare long term after hip replacement?

When you’re considering a major operation such as a knee or hip replacement, the chances are you’re reading around the subject, considering where you might choose to have you operation, and looking at the different approaches favoured by different surgeons. Knee and hip replacement specialist Mr Bridle favours the Exeter femoral stem approach to hip […]

Benefits of enhanced recovery after joint replacement surgery

Following the results of an in-depth study of 4,500 patients in the recovery period following knee and hip replacement surgery, there is robust evidence to support the theory that an enhanced recovery plan is the best approach to a successful recovery. What is enhanced recovery? An enhanced recovery plan is one where patients will be […]

How to choose your joint replacement surgeon

When you’re considering joint replacement, it is important to choose the best surgeon for the job. So how do you go about this? You will first want to read around the procedure so that you fully understand what you’re signing up for, and then you’ll want to start researching where you can have the operation […]

Bursitis or arthritis – what’s causing your hip pain?

Aches and pains in the joints – particularly knees and hips – as you get older are something that we all expect and many of us choose to live with. Depending on the cause of hip pain, this is sometimes an acceptable choice, but more often than not it could be delaying treatment for a […]