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New figures show steep rise in hip replacements as result of obesity problem

Shocking figures illustrating the impact that the UK’s obesity crisis is having on the NHS were recently disclosed by an investigation carried out by the Sunday Times. The paper revealed that more than 41,000 obese people required hip or knee replacement operations last year – including seven teenagers. The investigation found that the numbers of […]

Hip-knee mechanics and their role in developing joint pain

Many people suffer from osteoarthritis and, contrary to popular misconceptions, it is not just a condition that affects older people. In fact, it is believed to affect between 12 and 15 per cent of the population who are aged between 25 and 74. It is much more prevalent in older people, but its presence in […]

Pelvic motion tracking device could inform hip replacement surgery

Researchers at the University of Warwick have been working to develop a new device which helps identify patients who have more ‘flex’ than they should do in their pelvis. These people are at a higher risk of developing problems with prosthetic hip joints following surgery (especially issues such as dislocation), so with the help of […]

Depression and arthritis link established

Scientists are always looking for links between conditions, as a way of understanding how and why they interact and establishing the cause and effect of different disorders. The results of an interesting new study have found hip arthritis is more prevalent in those suffering from depression – for many years it’s been thought that depression […]

A gender issue: women and hip replacement surgery

Typically, when we think about hip replacement surgery, we think of the older generation, as this demographic were historically much more likely to need medical intervention to help problems associated with ageing joints. But it seems there has been a surge in the number of younger, female patients who require this type of operation. Women’s […]

Obesity and hip replacement surgery: a weighty issue

Obesity is a serious global concern and has been linked with many different illnesses and conditions, causing excess healthcare expenditure and costing countries in the form of lost productivity. It is believed to affect two-thirds of the adult population in the UK, and according to recent reports, over 1 million people in Britain are claiming […]

How long does it take to recover from a hip replacement?

Any patient contemplating a total hip replacement procedure will want to know when they will be back up on their feet.  The question ‘how long does it take to recover from a hip replacement’, is probably one of the most commonly asked in Mr Simon Bridle’s London hip surgery consultations. There is no definitive answer, […]

Revision hip replacement rates down due to hip implant material used

Results of a long-term study undertaken in Australia that analysed data from more than 240,000 patients with hip osteoarthritis who underwent total hip replacement surgery have just been published. The objective of the research was to glean a greater understanding of the relative durability of ‘cross-linked’ polyethylene bearings hip implants (ie the moving parts), compared […]