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The rise of robotic hip replacements

The utilisation of robotic surgery across all medical specialties is on the increase, with surgeons believing they are able to offer greater benefits to patients by utilising robotic technology. Although this sounds really encouraging, with patients benefiting from a wide variety of factors, there is currently limited data in support of these practices. Researchers have […]

Don’t delay your knee replacement, study finds

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Although Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States, wasn’t specifically talking about knee or hip replacement surgery, it seems this sentiment is very apt. A new study has revealed that as many as nine in ten of us who suffer from […]

Can you go skiing after a knee or hip replacement?

Hip and knee replacement surgery can be life-changing for those who are suffering from deteriorating joints. The pain and limited mobility are likely to have been holding you back from many things that you enjoy, and the operation can restore a great deal of this back again. For some patients, just walking around again, being […]

Will a hip labral tear derail your running ambitions?

It’s the time of year when we are all making new year’s resolutions and trying to put in place plans and strategies to be healthier in the upcoming months. For some of us, this doesn’t just mean something like a gentle jog, it can mean something much more strenuous – marathon training. Most marathon training […]

Yoga teachers at risk of hip replacement at younger age

Hip and knee replacement surgery was once thought of as something which tended to be something just older people needed. This is no longer the case, with the increasingly active lifestyle that people are choosing sometimes having negative side effects on their joints. There are some pursuits that put more strain on joints than others, […]

Hip replacement found to be a boost to golfers

Over the past decade, there has been a marked increase in younger, more active people needing total hip replacement surgery, and this increase, in part, is thought to be due to the physical activities that people are choosing to do in their spare time. People who regularly play sports such as golf, tennis, athletics, gymnastics […]

Steroid injections for hip pain could make joint damage worse

For those suffering from hip or knee pain, it had long been thought that before going down the surgical route, steroid injections could provide some relief caused by the discomfort of joint osteoarthritis. New research has been published that challenges this belief, suggesting that cortisone injections could actually be doing more harm than good. Steroid […]

Revision joint replacement surgery rates revealed

In an interesting new study published by the National Joint Registry (NJR), data has been shared showing a league table of the best- and worst-performing areas of the UK if you are considering an NHS hip replacement. The assessment looked at 430 UK hospitals, comprising 145 NHS trusts running 250 hospitals in the UK, as […]

Risk of revision hip surgery in younger patients analysed

A hip replacement is an operation that has been carried out for decades. It is a cost-effective procedure, with well-established benefits, in particular, relief of pain and getting people back to normal function. Total hip replacements are being carried out on more and more younger patients, thanks to a variety of factors which have made […]